Arts Society Presentation

The Church Recording volunteers of The Arts Society Fylde spent nearly six years studying the White Church and its history. The result of their painstaking work is a beautifully bound and gold blocked 119 page book, detailing items such as memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, paintings and windows, enhanced with 93 photographs and line drawings.

This “Record of Church Furnishings” was presented to Fairhaven United Reformed Church at Sunday worship on 6th May 2018.

It was fitting that the minister conducting the service was the Reverend David Phillips, who served as minister at the White Church for 21 years and retired a year ago. He was invited back to lead our worship on this day.

The White Church welcomed members of The Arts Society Fylde who, in a message to Church Secretary Valerie Aitken, later described it as a happy and sociable occasion, and expressed their thanks for the Church’s hospitality. They also thanked Rev. David Phillips for his “thought provoking sermon which was so relevant to the occasion”.


Rev. David Phillips with Pat Corless, Chair of The Arts Society Fylde.                David with Valerie Aitken, Church Secretary.                                                Hugh Ellwood (left), President of The Arts Society Fylde

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