Church Notices 14/11/20

Week 34

Dear Church Friends,

How are you coping as the weeks go by? I know it’s not easy as the days shorten and the weather becomes dreary on occasions. This week there have been at least two beacons of light. First the news of a vaccine which may be approved for use before too long and second, plans are being made for June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee of her Accession to the Throne. Let’s all be optimistic about the future. “Tomorrow will be a good day”. Yesterday was the 13th November and also a Friday. Superstitious people might have been worried, but I discovered that every 13th November is International Kindness Day and has been observed internationally since  1998. I have never heard of it before, but what an uplifting thought. Being kind can improve physical and emotional well-being, make people feel happy and it reduces stress and anxiety.  It can spread quickly causing a ripple effect and give people energy and make them stronger. It makes you feel happy. During this year of the pandemic we have all seen and read about acts of kindness and the many ways in which people are helping one another. “Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes.”  Long may it continue and we give thanks to God for his blessing on all acts of kindness. I have read that there is a Japanese proverb which says “one kind word can warm three winter months”.

The restoration work around Fairhaven Lake is progressing, with the Japanese Garden taking shape. Shrubs which were blocking the view from above have been removed and the form of the  new water feature is revealed. While we were looking at it on Thursday, a lady standing nearby told us how her husband used to play in the Japanese Garden in the 1930s. Sadly he passed away in his 90s earlier this year but had taken a keen interest in the plans. The swans and their 4 cygnets are still opposite the Grand Hotel. I have identified the ringed one as V6D. The two swans with two cygnets which were hatched in Ashton Gardens are still there and the ringed one is U6I. Both these ringed swans have been in the area since 2012, showing the power nature has to enable birds to return ‘home’. Autumn colours are everywhere as we have seen on our recent walks.

Christmas 2020 Services.  As mentioned in the Update Letter, if we are permitted by the Government, the intention is to hold a service on:

EITHER  24th December –   Welcoming Christmas, including Holy Communion “ at 11.30pm

OR          25th December –   Family Service for Christmas Day “ at 10.30am

Please would anyone who is likely to come to one of those services, inform me of their preferred choice. A decision will be made following your response.

Churches Together in St Annes.     Lytham St Annes Express Christmas Supplement

Rev Stephen Heath Minister of Church Road Methodist Church St Annes  has informed us that the  Lytham St Annes Express has offered to work with  Churches Together in St Annes,  to produce an 8 page Christmas supplement. Topics covered may include telling the Christmas Story,  publicising services, highlighting some of the challenges we have overcome over the course of the year and how the churches are engaging with their local communities.

CTiSA are happy to include other churches in Fylde if they wish to be involved. The Elders at the White Church have expressed an interest in participating and ask anyone who has any Christmas poems, stories, puzzles, cartoons, pictures or anything suitable to put in, to please send details to me.

Lancashire West Missional Partnership Zoom Coffee Morning/Communion on Tuesday 17th November @ 10am

Daleen is hosting the above event via Zoom next Tuesday morning.
She is looking forward to sharing in communion and fellowship with people next week. Please remember to bring your elements along with you to the zoom room. The theme is Interfaith Week

Please contact me if you would like to join in and I will send you the Zoom link and order of service.

Remembrance Sunday Wooden Crosses

As you know  this year the  church was unable to hold our usual Remembrance Service. I thank Rev Jim for leading a Zoom Remembrance Service. I think about 34 people from the Partnership joined in, including about 8 from the White Church.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Val had some wooden British Legion Remembrance Crosses, with poppies attached, which could be “ planted “ in the ground around our Peace Pole. Donations for this totalled £102.40 and this amount has been sent to the British Legion. Val would like to thank all those who contributed.

Sunday Zoom Worship

Rev Jim and Rev Janet will be providing a Zoom Worship based on the weekly Home Service printed sheet. If you would like an invitation for this Sunday, please let me know and I will send you the weekly link.   The service will begin at 11am sharp.

Sunday Communion Services

Rev Jim and Rev Janet conduct a regular Communion service on Sundays at 7pm.  This can be accessed on Zoom and by phone.  People should ring Jim – 01253 896371 or Janet – 01253 896056 for details and access.

Let us pray

Dear Lord, 
We give thanks that a vaccine is on the horizon and pray for all those involved in developing vaccines. Their skill and dedicated work over such a short time frame will have an impact on all our lives. We pray for those among our congregation who are ill and ask your blessing on them.
We remember the lonely and those who are anxious or worried. Grant them your peace.

Please join me in saying the Grace together.

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy   Spirit be with us all, now and evermore. Amen

 God Bless you all


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