Coronavirus advice at the White Church

You no longer need inform the Acting Church Secretary of your intention to attend worship each week, although we will still have to maintain a register of those who attend. The Church’s Risk Assessment will be under constant review. If there is a rapid rise in local infections, we may need to adapt the way we worship and to return to a shorter 20 minute service without any singing.

The Elders offer the following advice for those who are attending Sunday Worship.

Although there is no legal requirement for worshippers to use a face covering in church, we feel that whilst in the Church and during worship it would be courteous, and respectful of the need to keep each other safe, if we continued, for the time-being, to wear face-masks.

We will resume singing our hymns, but again we feel it would contribute to keeping each other safe if we sing softly behind our masks. If singing behind your mask is uncomfortable or causes distress, you may remove your mask for singing, but please sing softly and do not project your voice.

We will set aside an area of greater distancing using the pews at the very back of the church as a ‘Safe Zone’, for those who are anxious about close contact. Please respect the need of some who might wish to retain social distancing. Elsewhere in the church, we request that people sit at a suitable distance from anyone not in their bubble. The clockwise one-way system will continue.

The hymn books, including large print books will be placed in the pews and remain there after the end of the service.

At the conclusion of worship, please wait for the stewards to invite each row in turn to leave the sanctuary, with those staying for coffee going straight to the hall and those not staying going to the main door. When leaving the church or moving into the Dawson Hall, please give people space and try to avoid any crowding.

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