Easter Sunday Service

We are delighted to be able to celebrate Easter Sunday in the Church with Rev Jim leading a communion service at 2pm . Please read the Covid guidance carefully.



In order to comply with social distancing, the White Church capacity has been set at 30, although those living together or sharing bubbles can sit next to each other.  If you intend to come to the service, please book by emailing [email protected]  or ringing 01253 727732 before 6pm on Saturday 3rd April.   On booking you will be asked to provide your name and either telephone number or email which will be kept for 21 days and if required made available to the NHS Test and Trace Service. Entry and Exit to Church will be through the Main Porch door. Names of those attending will be checked on the booking register on arrival at church. 

QR Code     If you have downloaded the NHS Track and Trace App, the QR Code for the White Church is positioned in the main porch on the wall to the left of the steps leading into the Sanctuary. It is not a requirement  to use this, as all names are put on the Booking Register for that week and each Register is retained for three weeks. 

  • Please arrive at church between 13.45pm and 13.55pm 
  • If there is a queue, please wait and follow any directions given by the entry stewards.  
  • Use the hand sanitiser on entering or bring your own disposable gloves to wear if for any reason you are not able to use hand sanitiser. 
  • Please wear a face covering as this is a Government regulation. Spare face masks will be available should you forget to bring one. 
  • There is a one-way system around the church. 
  • A Steward will show you to a seat. To avoid contamination, do not change seats.  
  • Always maintain social distancing (2 metres). People in your household/social bubble may sit together. 
  • Please do not stop to chat as this will hold up others coming into the service.  
  • All should remain seated and not move about. 
  • Please do not expect assistance from the stewards except in an emergency. If you normally need assistance, please bring someone from within your social grouping to help you.  
  • Toilets use is permitted but be mindful of social distancing (i.e.1 person at a time in the Toilets).       Hand Sanitizer as well as soap is available for your use.  
  • Please bring tissues for coughs or sneezes. 


As communion will be part of this service please bring your own individual portion of bread and wine, squash or water for communion. 

Do not share items or pass on items to anyone else.  

Please avoid touching items. Please do not shake hands or have any physical contact other than within your household/bubble.  

The service will last about 20 minutes. There will be no singing during the service. Please also speak quietly and avoid calling out to anyone.  

Please place any donations or weekly envelopes in the receptacle provided on the back table, on your way out after the service. Please consider giving by direct debit or bank transfer if possible.  

At the end of the service, follow the stewards’ directions as you leave your seat, and exit, observing safe social distancing. Use the hand sanitiser on leaving. Please don’t congregate around the exit door and leave the church grounds as quickly as possible. 

REMEMBER-Our aim is to keep you safe whilst Worshipping by adhering to the Government Guidelines. 



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