Home Service 15th October 2023

Gathering prayers

Gentle God, we gather as those who know our need of your strength and pray that you would make us gentle; as those who know our need of your mercy and pray that you would make us merciful; as those who know our need of your peace in our hearts and pray that you would make us peacemakers.
In Jesus’ name.

God of the mountaintop and of the valley, earth us in the spirit of humility; ground us in the spirit of truth; unite us in the spirit of community and so inspire, challenge and shape us that we might reflect your ideals, your hopes, your kingdom.


Please read Matthew 5:1-12


As Jesus presented the Beatitudes, he told us how God would respond to our actions. We learn that those with a clean heart, concern for justice, and loyalty to the commands of God will see God now and in eternity. Later in the Gospel, Jesus is asked what the most important commandment is. He says that love of God and loving our neighbours as ourselves is the spirit of the Law. Holiness does not come from being removed from the world but from engaging it.


A prayer of confession

Forgive us, Lord, when we are too busy to draw close to you on the mountaintop;
too proud to acknowledge our need of your leading;
too stuck in our ways to consider new ways of being church;
too self-sufficient to grow together as a community;
too stubborn to let go of our resentments;
too blind to see that it is our attitudes
that separate us from one another, and from you.

Forgive us, change us, use us and accept this our prayer.


A prayer of thanksgiving

We thank you, gracious God, that you acknowledge and honour the little people, the kind people, the people who give all they have and all they are for the sake of others.

Draw us into the community of those who love you more than they love the plaudits of the world, and show us how to encourage one another in the faith that turned the world upside down then, and would do the same now.

We pray in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who gave al l for love of all.


Spending out prayer

Use gentle hands, a peaceful mind and a heart that hungers and thirsts for righteousness to tell everybody about God’s kingdom.



Suggested Listening The Beatitudes – www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kkjmXnIWow The Bible Song – www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpxUdo1c9tU Lead me Lord – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osbo-4SCkbg

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