Home Service for Sunday 30th April 2023

Call to worship

Open our eyes to see Christ among us.
Open our ears to hear the living word.
Open our mouths to speak and sing praises.
Open our hearts to receive you now.

A prayer of Praise

Let the earth shout, the mountains cry out, the seas roar for God gathers in the lost and lame, the poor and weary, the faithful and the doubter.

All our voices are not enough to sing our song of praise to God, so let earth join sun, moon and stars to rejoice together as all creation praises her maker.


Please read Mark 10: 46-52


This is a deeply moving story. It portrays a man who has lost his independence with his sight, who has evidently lost any family he had (otherwise they would have cared for him and he would not have needed to beg), and who is so desperate for a solution to his problems that he offends against every rule of good manners, to the horror of his neighbours.

Jesus is not interested only in polite people. He recognises the man’s need and calls him over. But rather than simply assuming he knew what was best for him, he dignifies him with a question: ‘What do you want me to do for you?’.

There are a lot of damaged, needy people who don’t make easy subjects for engagement with the gospel. They don’t fit into our neat categories or tidy theologies. They can be irritating and disturbing – but they need Jesus. And here, Jesus models what all of us want in a friend: rather than someone assuming it’s obvious what’s good for us, we want them to listen, without prejudging what they think we’re going to say.

Deep listening leads to deep understanding, which leads to deep ministry.

A prayer of thanksgiving

When you took the trouble to come to earth you changed the way we looked at life. Suddenly our days seemed more precious, our strange characters more interesting.
It looked as though we mattered.
When you went out alone into the wilderness you changed our ideas of what power was like. With all heaven’s angels at hand you asked for nothing. With hunger and thirst growing by the day you took nothing.
It seemed you had a purpose greater than we could see.
When you started to travel around the countryside you changed our picture of holiness. There you were in sinners’ homes with tax collectors and prostitutes. You ate and drank with an appetite and people liked your company.
There was nothing false in the things you said of God.
When you began to heal and teach you changed our hearts and minds. The kingdom became a wonderful open space. The invitation to love and be loved was exciting, and the chance to be well was eye opening.
When you walked the lonely road to the cross you changed the image we had of God. No longer distant, cut off, not all powerful and strong with thunderbolts to hand, but willing to take our anger, rage and hate.
When you rose, you changed us, you made us whole, you made us yours, you made us who we are.
When you speak to us now you change us still.
Dreams and visions, words and wisdom, messengers from below and above, all conspire to transform and renew.
And we will be changed. And we will be new. And we will be yours forever.

Thanks be to God.


Suggested Listening

All for Jesus www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIvnLl-vvOo

Jesus’ hands were kind hands www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8tNds4BZf8

Will you come and follow me www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiXnbOORTAU

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