Home Service for Sunday 3rd April 2022

Call to Worship 

In you, our God, is our hope and consolation.  
Your love is beyond our deserving, your wisdom is beyond our understanding, your light is greater than our darkness.  
We wish we could enter your presence with songs of rejoicing; but not here, not now.  
Our hearts are heavy, our minds bewildered, our uncertainty disturbs our faith.  


and why?  
and how long?  
and what next? 
 These are the questions we bring,  
not looking for instant answers,  
but hoping that we will be heard. 


A WOMAN’S CARE based on words from Isaiah 49 

When trouble strikes and fear takes root,  
and dreams are dry and sense unsound,  
when hope becomes a barren waste  
then doubts like mountains soar around.  


Our wandering minds believe the worst  
and ask, as faith and fervour fade,  
‘Has God now turned his back on us,  
forsaking those he loved and made?’  


God says, ‘See how a woman cares.  
Can she forget the child she bore?  
Even if she did, I shan’t forget.  
Though you feel lost, I love you more.  


‘My dearest daughter, fondest son,  
my weary folk in every land,  
your souls are cradled in my heart,  
your names are written on my hand.’  


Then praise the Lord through faith and fear,  
in holy and in helpless place,  
for height and depth and heaven and hell  
can’t separate us from God’s grace. 


Psalm 20 This is a translation of a text the Czech people turned to when Russia invaded their nation in 1968.  

May God draw near when the hour of trouble strikes, may Jacob’s God be your strength and shield;  
out of the sanctuary, out of his home, may God provide in your time of need.  

May God remember the sacrifice you make and take delight in the gifts you bring;  

may God respond to your heart’s deep desire, and grant fulfilment to all your plans.  

With every blessing our mouths will shout for joy to celebrate what the Lord has done;  
and ever after when God shows you favour, in every triumph we’ll trace his love.  

O let us know that the Lord is God indeed, and grants success to his chosen ones.  
From highest heaven, God answer our call and bring us victory with your right hand.  

Some trust in weapons and some in skills of war, but all we have is our faith in God.  
They that are mighty shall stumble and fall but we will rise and will overcome. 


James 5:1-6 Name the Evil 

A word to you who are rich.  
Weep and wail over the miserable fate overtaking you:  
your riches have rotted away;  
your fine clothes are moth-eaten;  
your silver and gold have corroded.  


You have piled up wealth in an age that is near its close.  
The wages you never paid to those who mowed your fields are crying aloud against you;  
and the outcry of the reapers has reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.  
You have condemned and murdered the innocent, those who offer no resistance.  

Closing Prayer 

Europe is at war 
God help us 

Suggested listening 

Kyrie Eleyson – Ukrainian Orthodox Chant of the XV Century by Kyiv Chamber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrXISoPuCGg  

We wish everybody in the world peace and harmony – Andre Rieu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NveDG8CcQ-A  

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