Joint Service with St Annes URC

Our two churches have been standing less than a couple of miles apart for well over 100
years, but as far as anyone knows the two United Reformed Churches in
Lytham St Annes have never got together for a shared Sunday service.
That surprising record was consigned to history on the morning of the 26th
February, the first Sunday in Lent, when the two congregations met in worship at Fairhaven
URC (better known locally as the White Church).
Members and friends from St Annes-on-Sea URC were warmly welcomed to the service led by
Revd Jim Williams, and there was a strong theme of togetherness running throughout the
morning. All agreed that it was wonderful to see the church so full on what was a very happy
occasion. The two choirs joined together in unison to create a wonderful accompaniment to the
praise and worship, and afterwards friends old and new met together for refreshments in the
A date has already been set in December, the first Sunday in Advent, when St Anne’s will
reciprocate and welcome members and worshippers from Fairhaven – something which both
congregations are very much looking forward to.

2 comments on “Joint Service with St Annes URC

  1. Is there any more recent information about the wite church? I have been reading this with great interest and then got down to the end of the page to read ‘2021’.
    Arthur Lingings was my son’s choir master at the Holy Trinity Church, many years ago. He had the most amazing soprano voice, which Arthur cherished for the entire period of my son’s inclusion, many times, arriving on his quads (roller skates! My son, not Arthur Lingings!!!!)

    • Thank you for your comments and lovely memory of Arthur who is sadly not with us now. I hope your son still enjoys music. I will have a look at the information section and bring it up to date. Best wishes.

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