White Church Notices 10th July 2021

Dear Church Friends, 

We are now able to welcome Janet as an inducted Minister in the Lancashire West Partnership. It was a privilege to attend the service at Fleetwood last Sunday and be able to represent the White Church on behalf of you all. We wish Janet a long, happy and fulfilling Ministry in this Partnership. 

The Elders will be meeting on Tuesday afternoon and will discuss the way forward following the government’s announcement about the possible removal of covid restrictions on July 19th. Synod has sent a guidance to congregations, which Daleen has asked to be distributed to members, so I have included it in these notices. The Elders will also discuss this document. 

Having heard about the many good deeds and the way people have been looking out for others during the pandemic, I was interested to read the following story recently. 

After the second World War, the United States sent huge amounts of food and materials to help rebuild war-shattered Europe. Such inter-governmental deals could be a bit impersonal, and much of it would, eventually, be repaid.  To make it more personal and meaningful, a “Friendship Train” travelled across the States collecting gifts from individuals for the European people. This was then shipped across the Atlantic. 

Two years later, the “Merci Train” made the return journey, carrying such personal items as the Europeans could spare for distribution across the states. 

Gifts freely given in response to need and appreciation shown even in a time of hardship. 

In desperate times, people are often at their most wonderful. 

We have seen a similar spirit since the arrival of covid. People who quietly get on with helping others and doing kind deeds. 


The photograph was taken by a friend of ours whilst on a walk last Saturday on the Isle of Dogs in London.  It shows an Egyptian Goose family on the River Lee. Our friend told us that this river was the boundary of England at one time [Alfred’s] and the Vikings were on the Eastern side where he lives. Years ago, Egyptian geese were introduced into this country as an ornamental wildfowl species and subsequently escaped into the wild, with over 1,000 pairs now breeding in the UK. 

 We have been harvesting some salad crops from the garden and mini cucumbers from the greenhouse. So far, a few tomatoes are ripening but courgettes and dwarf French beans are only at the flowering stage. Last week’s rain should help. When I watch gardening programmes on TV, everyone’s crops look to be flourishing whereas mine seem to develop slowly. Perhaps they need more manure! Still it’s worth it, no matter how large or small the produce, just to be able to eat something fresh and straight from the garden. 

 A Poem by Margaret Ingall 

I’ve never known a friendly word that’s ever gone astray, 
For friendly words are funny things – they hang around all day. 
They creep inside the saddest heart, they lift a frame of mind, 
They change harsh thoughts or feelings into actions far more kind. 
They slide inside awareness; they bring balm to heal the soul, 
They strengthen us and nourish, and they help to make us whole. 
So never fight the impulse just to pause and say, “Hello!” 
For friendly words work magic – far more magic than we know. 

Our Worship on Sunday 11th July at 10.45am will be led by Rev Jim Williams 

Please book before 6pm on Saturday 10th July. 


Our Worship on Sunday 18th July at 10.45am will be led by Linda Lunn 

Please book before 6pm on Saturday 17th July 


You are invited to Afternoon Tea at Jim’s Manse  5 Elm Close Poulton-Le-Fylde.  FY6 8FU  

    Monday 2nd August 2pm-5pm 

 No need to book – just turn up. If the weather lets us down then please make your way to Elswick Church where we will have a roof over our heads! 


Let us pray 

Dear Lord Jesus, 

Be with us, we pray, as people start to intermingle again. Make us mindful that not everyone will be ready to mix with others during the current increase of coronavirus in the area. We pray for any recently receiving a positive diagnosis and those still suffering from ‘long covid’. We pray for those who are anxious or depressed. Please guide our steps in the future and give us Your strength, love and peace in the coming weeks.   Amen 


Please join me in saying the Grace together. 

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy          Spirit be with us all, now and evermore. Amen 


God Bless you all       







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