White Church Notices 12th June 2021

Dear Church Friends, 

Hello everyone. I hope you have been able to get out and enjoy this week’s summer weather. New life has appeared on the ponds in the rock gardens opposite the Grand, as the moorhens have produced a second brood of chicks – 5 tiny, black, fluffy balls, which I’m sure will grow very quickly. The resident pair of swans in Ashton Gardens now have 5 cygnets and are looking good. By contrast, there seem to be very few ducklings around on the local lakes and ponds. I don’t know the reason although it may be connected with the cold weather we had in April and early May. The Springwatch presenters indicated that bluetits have not done well this year because of the weather, as when their chicks hatched the right sort of insects were not around. Most birds, however, are thriving and the programme has shown myriad nests where the chicks are doing well. The photography this year is spectacular and the natural world keeps on lifting our spirits. 

A church group was discussing the story of Ruth and Naomi. “It’s like a novel,” said one, “a love story.“ I think it is a very sad story,” said another, “because in the beginning Naomi had lost all that was precious to her, her husband and her two sons and it made her bitter.” “Yes,” continued the first speaker, “but look how happily it ended and that’s what is important. 
There is an old saying that we “get bitter or get better.” That great statesman Nelson Mandela never allowed bitterness to gain a foothold. During his long imprisonment on Robben Island he wrote: “I knew people expected me to harbour anger…. But I wanted South Africa to see that I loved my enemies.”  An example to challenge and inspire us. 

Some anonymous thoughts. Do you have enough? 

Give me enough tears to keep me human, 
Enough humour to keep me wise, 
Enough setbacks to keep me humble, 
Enough accomplishments to keep me confident, 
Enough patience to teach me waiting, 
Enough hope to teach me trusting, 
Enough friends to give me love, 
Enough memories to give me comfort. 

Our Worship on Sunday 13th June at 10.45am will be led by Richard Golding 

Please book before 6pm on Saturday 12th June. 

Our Worship on Sunday 20th June at 10.45am will be led by Andrew Barratt 

Please book before 6pm on Saturday 19th June. 

Induction of Rev Janet Calderley on 4th July 2021 

As you may remember, this should have taken place on 15th March 2020, but had to be postponed because of the increase of covid infections. This invitation is issued to all congregations. 

On behalf of the 

North Western Synod of the United Reformed Church, the Lancashire West Missional Partnership is inviting you to attend the Induction of Revd Janet Calderley to this Missional Partnership on 

Sunday 4th July 2021 at 3pm at Fleetwood United Reformed Church, Fleetwood, Agnew Road, FY7 7BJ 

The service will be led by the Rev Lis Mullen 

The preacher will be Rev Peter Lyth. 

Following the service refreshments will be served.  

Please let me know as soon as possible if you hope to attend Janet’s Induction Service and tell me of any special dietary requirements. Also tell me if your mobility is impaired, so that Fleetwood can attempt to reserve parking close to the church (the public car park is around 200m away.) 

News from the URC Website.  

This year’s winner of the Churches Together in England  MA in Mission prize is theRevd Daleen Ten Cate, Mission Enabler for the United Reformed Church (URC’s) North Western Synod. 
I have sent Daleen our congratulations for her achievement. 

A distant relative of the founder of the famous Kellogg family used to start every morning with this prayer. 

“Each morning when I wake, I say, 
‘I place my hand in God today!’ 
I know he’ll walk close by my side 
My every wandering step to guide.”          Florence Scripps Kellogg 


Let us pray 

Dear Lord Jesus, 

Thank you for all those who are special to us. We pray for those going through difficult times and ask Your blessing on them. Help us to be patient as we wait for the end of restrictions and life to return to ‘normal’. We pray for those still suffering the after effects of covid and pray for their full recovery.  Loving God, we bring our needs to You. Amen 


Please join me in saying the Grace together. 

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy          Spirit be with us all, now and evermore. Amen 

God Bless you all        



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