White Church Notices 15th January 20211

Dear Church Friends,

How have you been this week? We are almost half-way through January. Following the excitement of Christmas, January often seems a long and dreary month, but recent sunshine tempted me to walk round the garden to take stock of what is happening in nature. There are definitely signs of spring around. Winter heathers are in full bloom; the bright yellow of the winter jasmine shines through the foliage; myriad bulbs have started to push their way through the surface of the soil and surprise, surprise the everlasting sweet pea has already produced several shoots of at least 8 inches in length. Darkness comes later every day and we can feel the progress of the seasons starting on their new path for another year. The birds love the new feeder and the squirrels have given up trying to access the sunflower seeds – I think! It’s interesting to observe the different way the birds come to the feeder. The blue and great tits land on it and fly off straight away with one seed which they eat in the shelter of a nearby bush or tree before returning. The robins, greenfinches and goldfinches remain in situ eating until something disturbs them. The blackbirds have to keep their balance by constantly fluttering their wings while trying to obtain food. The larger birds who are too heavy for the feeder stand underneath and wait for seeds to be cast aside or drop down. All have a part to play and the diversity in nature is as wide as that in human behaviour. We don’t know what this year will bring but we have to support and comfort one another through good times and bad. Some of you may be facing challenging times in the weeks to come, but our thoughts will be with you. Have faith in the Lord. He will be with you, watching over you and caring for you. His love endures for ever.

I should like to repeat some anonymous thoughts that I included in the notices a year ago.

Though the road may be hard and the way may be long,
And your heart may be heavy with care,
Yet a song and a smile can enrich every mile
And you’re bound to keep on with a prayer.
We may not always feel sunny but if we can find something to smile at, it will do us good as….
“A smile is the lighting system of the face and the heating system of the heart.” Anon.

Our Worship on Sunday 16th January at 10.45am will be led by Stuart Gay

Bible Reading: Isaiah 65: 17-25

Our Worship on Sunday 23rd January at 10.45am will be led by Andrew Barratt

Our Worship on Sunday 30th January at 10.45am will be led by Rev Jim Williams

Church Meeting on Sunday 30th Jan. This will take place following worship.

Although there was a Church AGM at the end of November, there hasn’t been a quarterly Church Meeting for two years, so I am giving notice that there will be a Church Meeting after worship on Sunday 30th January. The Agenda will be issued on Sunday.


World Day of Prayer 2022

Are you able to help?

For many years Ann Bucklow has represented our church at the World Day of Prayer Service which is usually held on the first Friday in March. Ann recently received a phone call from

Eileen Beadle from The Drive Methodist Church. They are doing next year’s World Day of Prayer and there is a meeting about this on January 20th at 2pm at the Drive. Ann would like to retire from this role, so if you feel you could take it on, please contact either Ann or me.

Thoughts from Iris Hesselden

Thank You Lord, for the special times,
Those days I set apart,
The times of joy and happiness
Are stored within my heart.
Thank You for the days of youth
When all the world was new,
When plans and schemes were only dreams
That never would come true.

Thank You for those other times
When things went sadly wrong,
Through love and care and answered prayer,
You helped me to be strong.
For all the happy special times,
So many I recall,
For joy and tears, throughout the years,
Lord, thank You, for them all.

Let us pray

Dear Lord,

We pray for those known to us who are struggling at present and ask for Your peace upon them. Thank you for the strength You give to each one of us and help us to pass it on to others. Fill us with Your spirit. Continue to be our Rock. Thank you for the all the Blessings we have and let us be grateful for the fellowship of others. In Your name. Amen


Please join me in saying the Grace together.

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all, now and evermore. Amen

God Bless you all


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