Window Witness this Easter

Christians in Lancashire are being encouraged to make a cross on Palm Sunday and place it in the window of their home. This will be a sign to those who pass by that in the saving work of Christ there is healing, life and salvation. This initiative has been taken up by Churches Together in Ansdell and Fairhaven in which the White Church is a partner.

Initially the cross could be simple and fairly plain, made of paper, card, wood –you can be as imaginative as you like. However, when Easter comes why not decorate it with colours, flowers etc as a sign of our trust in the joy of the resurrection!

If you are on social media, feel free to share the picture shown above (on church or personal accounts) to explain to people why the crosses are there. A new one will be sent for Easter Sunday. Feel free to share pictures of your crosses on social media too.

Let’s pray our windows will witness to the saving and risen Jesus this Easter!

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