Art Theology No. 7

Ball and Chain (The Bear 2020)

The picture shows one of three pieces of street art by the graffiti artist The Bear which have appeared in Glasgow during the lockdown.

The image shows a young man chained by the corona virus  and looking down at his chains in surprise, frustration and annoyance. I am sure we have all felt these emotions in recent weeks and many people have spoken of lockdown as imprisonment especially those confined to the house. Unsurprisingly we have found loss of our freedoms difficult.

The Bible speaks of other freedoms.

Psalm 119 verse 45 reads “I will live in perfect freedom because I try to obey your teachings”

This type of freedom is not dependent on being able to get out of the house and is available to us all. One day the chains of Covid will be gone but we can rely on the promises of God whatever our circumstances and however imprisoned we may feel.

Anne Flegg, Fairhaven URC

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