Matero Sunday School

Stuart Gay has provided an update on the Matero Salvation Army project in Zambia:

Some time ago, The White Church selected the building of a Sunday school at Matero Salvation Army in Zambia (where Stuart led services) as one of their outreach projects.

The road has been long and tough for Matero Salvation Army but they now have the building almost complete. Due in part to your generosity. The response below is from Douglas, the Quartermaster (Property Elder) at Matero:

“Good morning Envoy Stuart.

Matero Corp was upgraded to a Citadel. This is due to the fact that activities have increased. All brigades are fully functional; the band, senior and junior timbrels, praise team and songster brigades.

Matero has consistently been beating the Self denial and Thank giving Appeals

As you may have noticed the construction of the church hall has continued. This has made our Territorial leadership to upgrade Matero from a corps to a Citadel. I am sure once we complete the new hall, we will be upgraded to a Temple.

Thanks again for bring part of the developments at Matero

Quartermaster Douglas”

Thank you all for your support during that project year for God’s outreach in Zambia.

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